Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knots in my Apron String.

I have a fairly well stocked kitchen. I have tools and gadgets that are less then necessities but i find them indispensable: namely, my croissant cutter and ridiculously long rolling pin.
But there is one thing that I realized I don't have and really need: an apron!
And so I have made it my goal to craft the perfect apron.

That is today's adventure. (Oh. And a header/logo that doesn't make this site look like it was designed by a 3rd grader learning MS Paint for the first time).

No more will my towels be sullied and my jeans be stained, my hemlines used as potholders.
I don't know what it will look like or what adventures will come, but as tomorrow is dollar day (read: bargain day at sal-val) I will come up with something.

I thought about it, and the Perfect Apron needs many things.
One, it has to be cute. Preferably of the vintage indie style that I am so terribly fond of.
Secondly, it should be at some point, blue.
Third, it should be of cloth that will not easily catch fire/tear/stain/rip/blow around in the breeze. (After grilling in a flammable dress, I've learned my lesson).
Fourth, it must have pockets of some kind.

The design of the perfect apron is yet to hit me, but I'm hoping I'll find something awesome at Sal Val that I can deconstruct and use in creating the Perfect Apron.

Here goes nothing.

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