Monday, June 29, 2009

The Official Cooking Playlist

There are some things I can't cook without.

Good ingredients, a nice set of knives, and an awesome play list to shake your groove thing to whilst you slice and dice. Here's mine.

To listen to this playlist, it's now available on Grooveshark:

Catie's Cooking Playlist:

Add in Equal Parts--

  1. Twist and Shout
  2. Louie Louie
  3. Moondance
  4. Don't Trust Me
  5. My Girl
  6. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  7. I Would Walk 500 Miles
  8. She's So Lovely
  9. Sugar Pie Hunny Bunch
  10. The Way You Look Tonight
  11. Brat Pack
  12. Straw Dog
  13. Rhubarb Pie
  14. I Want You To Want Me
  15. I Love Rock N Roll
  16. Fight the Sky
  17. Do You Believe In Magic?
  18. Son Of A Preacher Man
  19. Grace Kelly
  20. Love Today
  21. Everlasting Love

Mix In

  1. The Worst Pies In London
  2. A Little Priest
  3. Provincial Life
  4. Into The Fire

Enjoy at loud volumes.
Dance pants off.

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